Individual Approach to Education

Tutor24x7students are first evaluated based on the diagnostic test which will help in identifying the strong and weak areas in the subject and carefully match tutors with students based on personality, interests and learning style to ensure desired learning outcome in a time bound module. Our teachers are deployed with clarity in the desired learning outcome at the end of the course as well as each session. Each session is normally of 90 minutes duration for face2face programs and 60 minutes duration for some of the interactive online courses.  Each student would be allotted some online assignments and tests as part of the Blended Tutoring Program to validate the student’s learning outcome from every tutoring session. Tablet based programs comprise of lectures and e-books integrated in the tablet called i-Tab. Our end objective is to provide the necessary correction in the student’s learning habits after which every student can manage with some of our online help features instead of going through a full-fledged face2face tutoring

Tutoring Programs

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