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Tutor24x7 is an institution backed by pioneers in the education segment and is a division of Pedagogues Education India Pvt. Ltd. Tutor24x7 is an exclusive content provider for test preparation segment to IL&FS education, a leading education service provider for ICT program of Government of India. Tutor24x7 is in the process of developing mobile education and would be delivering content through i-Tab-a mobile learning platform for the test preparation and tutoring segment. Imagine having the world’s collective knowledge in the palm of your hand while you’re sitting in a classroom or at home. The possibilities are endless. Teaching and learning is transformed from a model where a teacher transfers information to students to a model where a teacher guides discovery, students are resources in the learning process and collaboration is the norm.

Academic tutoring is in particular demand because of the increased expectations placed on senior secondary and even secondary school students. Crowded classrooms don't provide the individual attention many students require, and parents are finding that their children are not sufficiently prepared for college or for the entrance examinations necessary for admission. They realize their children often need more personalized attention than they can get from classroom instruction. To cater to this segment Tutor24x7 offers one-on-one tutoring program, which are highly individualized in the comfort and security of your home, free from distractions. Private tutoring sessions may also be scheduled at schools, after school facilities, libraries, or community centers. Tutor24x7@home tutors are experienced, qualified professionals and certified instructors with impeccable credentials and a heartfelt enthusiasm for teaching.

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