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Tutor24x7 is the FIRST Tutoring Organization to deliver Face 2 Face, Tablet based and in Online modes

Assessment is a key factor in re-engaging potentially lost students. When instruction is tailored to a student's ability level, as determined by assessments, students show measurable progress. Learning technology assisted assessment and instruction, with diagnostics and prescriptive practice, generate invaluable reporting data for tutors, allowing them to get and keep students on track because the instruction meets the student's readiness level. With a teaching methodology that includes progressive tutoring alongside technology-aided instruction, a student's learning can be completely re-shaped day by day.Based on this educational research, one-on-one student to tutor instruction is found to be highly successful in improving a student's academic standing. Tutor24x7 goes a step further; we provide private instruction in an environment highly conducive to learning - the comfort and security of your own home, away from the usual classroom distractions and in the process saving a lot of student’s time in commuting to tuition centres that offer one-to-many instruction. It is this combination of private, individualized attention and a secure learning environment that will enable your child to quickly get back on the academic track and reach his or her full potential.Tutor24x7 is working to ensure that “No Child Left Behind” across the universe in academic performance.

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